Welcome to Aegis Homes

 We are a local builder with deep roots in the community. We take pride in doing the job right. We have a thoroughly tested team of engineers  and designers that work together to provide quality and value in the homes we build.

Our Services


Home Buyer's Satisfaction

We love seeing our clients filled with joy during their building and buying process. Aegis Homes understands that the course of actions towards home ownership can put you through a wave of new emotions. Each step is just as exciting and nerve-wrecking as the last. Not to fear  - there is no need to feel alone or stressed while finding your new  home. From the very first step of figuring out what you truly want in a  home to fine tuning budget, all the way to closing; we are here to guide you through each and every step along the way.  


Dedication & Passion

Here at Aegis, we keep our word and provide well built,  budget-friendly, quality homes and tract neighborhoods where families  can live the “American Dream” of home-ownership in Grand Terrace. With our team of seasoned professionals whose knowledge, experience and vision continue to inspire trust and loyalty from one generation to the next. We create a legacy of hard working men and women with a passion to bring people the joy of creating their dream homes.  


Why Us?

We know that buying a new home is among the most important decisions you   will ever make.  We do more than just give you your dream house in Grand Terrace, we take it a step further and work with you to create your dream home. What is the difference between a house and a home?  YOU!  A house is nothing but an empty building. You are what makes the  houses  we build and sell warm and welcoming homes! A home is where  memories  are created. Home is where life’s milestones are celebrated.  Aegis is  happy to help you get into the home you’ve always wanted.